Susan Giacometti : Printmaker/Painter

Susan Giacometti : Printmaker/Painter
Susan Giacometti is a California artist specializing in prints, paintings and handmade books. She has developed skills as a printmaker over 20 years. Her preferred method of printing is intaglio which yields an interesting and varied line quality. Giacometti combines the use of drypoint, chine colle (a bit like collage), stencils and transparent color.

Giacometti's prints are usually abstract but upon occasion, she produces a series of figurative work based on particular themes. Her most recent series is "Lobstermen of Maine". Giacometti's paintings are usually about people and what she calls "little moments, people doing everyday things." As subjects, she is also fond of animals (whose character and intelligence she values). Sometimes the subject of her paintings is imaginary as in her recent "Elephant Series".

Giacometti is not related to THE Giacometti. However, she has had two successful exhibitions in Europe. Her work can be found in East and West coast collections.

Bachelor of Arts, Art History -- University of Hawaii
Bachelor of Fine Arts Painting -- University of Hawaii
Master of Fine Arts   Printmaking -- University of Oregon
San Francisco Center For The Book, Vandercook Press/Qualitfication
Centrum Center for the Arts, Residency/2008
Haystack Mountain School of Art and Craft

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